The new culture centre in Skellefteå, Sweden gathers several important public institutions of the city: an art museum, library, theatre, guest stage and hotel. The site is located next to the city square and the diverse program is organized in a series of layers and volumes stacked next to each other.

The different volumes are connected through a large public foyer that stretches the entire length of the site. The floors of the space are punctured with round openings connecting the different levels and outside is an outdoor culture park with sculptures and playgrounds.

The loadbearing structure of the building is made entirely from glue-laminated timber as a sustainable and locally produced building material. The façade is covered in sinus corrugated stainless-steel sheets that reflects the varying lights of northern Sweden.

Competition entry
Location: Skellefteå, Sweden
Year: 2016
Size: 23 000 sqm
Client: Skellefteå municipality