Kvarteret Hake is a new residential area on a site next to the river and the city park in central Köping. The masterplan is inspired by the urban fabric of the old town in Köping where narrow pathways between buildings connects the street with the river front.

The project consists of six townhouses and six terraced houses organized as a contemporary garden city. The private outdoor areas are elevated onto the buildings as a series of terraces and winter gardens, creating a dense residential block where large parts of the site is left as a public space. The external areas consist of three distinct parts; a fruit garden towards the south of the site, a central elongated square with access to all the houses and a wild grown park along the river, all available for the people of Köping to enjoy.

The footprint of each house is 8x8 m square with a built-in garage on the ground level which can easily be converted into an additional living room or workshop if the family doesn’t own a car. The entire ground floor of the town houses can be rented out as a separate apartment, allowing for a multitude of possible living constellations. There is a long history of industrial manufacturing on the site and the new buildings reconnects to this tradition through a prefabricated and robust building system. The structural frames of the buildings are made of engineered timber with façades of precast concrete elements in galvanized steel frames.

Invited competition 1st prize
Location: Köping, Sweden
Size: 1 950 sqm
Year: 2018-
Client: Köping municipality