The extension to the Tampere Art Museum in Finland creates a new whole together with the existing museum building and annex. The program is divided in three, where the permanent exhibition remains in the existing building and the new temporary exhibition spaces are located in a new tall building next to the museum yard.

The four buildings are connected through an underground foyer, where a central atrium provides natural light and an intimate outdoor space for sculpture exhibitions. The exhibition spaces in the new main building are stacked on top of each other and organized as a continuous promenade up through the building.

The facade of the main museum building relates to the articulated depth of the existing museum’s brick facade with panels of white concrete cast against vertically bonded timber logs. The facade of the smaller administration building is in its turn made up out of the logs used for the casting of the new exhibition building. In this way the two new buildings are literally a positive and negative form of each other.

Competition entry
Location: Tampere, Finland
Year: 2017
Size: 4 750 sqm
Client: City of Tampere